Work permit in Moscow

Residents from countries with visa-free entry (citizens of CIS) who are planning to work in Russia have to obtain work permit. In order to acquire work permit in Moscow a foreigner needs to appeal to local migration office upon his registration or directly to main labour migration office at Federal Migration Service in Moscow (Korneychuk st., 47A.).

Legislation provides a foreigner with an opportunity to obtain work permit for 90 days without assistance from the employer. This term starts from the arrival date stated at the migration card issued at the border. After that he can use this work permit to find an employer who will sign labour agreement and prolong the permit he has. In reality, however, if a foreigner wishes to work in Moscow, he usually has to find an employer with a quota. The quota grants a right to hire foreign residents, sign labour agreements and execute work permits.

It must be noted that the quota is given only for one year, which is especially important for employers. If they are interested in constant engagement of foreign specialists or want to prolong existing agreements, they need to apply for quota every year and deal with branch departments, prefectures and etc.

Work permit execution

There are two parties in the procedure: employee and employer. Herewith we provide participation involvement of each of them.

The Employer:

  • has to apply for quota (every year till 1st of May)
  • in case if the Department of Labour and Employment of Moscow considers that engagement of the number of stated in the application is foreign specialists is worthwhile, the employer will be granted the Conclusion (which actually is the quota) of the Department, which allows to start work permit execution
  • next stage is to prepare the set of documents required for work permit (petition, statement, state fee) and apply to migration service
  • after obtainment of work permit (in 10 days), he has to prepare and send a notification of labour agreement conclusion. Stated notifications are sent to migration office within three days and to tax service – 10 days.

The foreign citizen:

  • has to legally arrive to Russia and obtain migration card at the customs
  • has to make migration registration at the place of residence within 7 working days from the date of entry
  • has to provide the employer with all necessary documents to execute work permit (photos, passport, migration card, migration registration and health certificates)
  • undergo the procedure of fingerprinting
  • has to get the work permit

We find it necessary to state that our company provides legal services only. We do not sell quotas or practice pseudo-outsourcing and outstaffing. Every client of ours gets the quota and work permit as required by law. It might be more difficult, but the outcome is 100% legal documents.

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