Apartments for rent in Moscow

Along with London, Paris, Singapore and New York, Moscow is included into TOP-10 most expensive world’s capitals by realty prices. While not everyone can afford purchasing an apartment in Moscow, renting one is considered to be the most widespread option.

It is almost impossible to contact owner of property directly in Moscow real estate market unless you know him in person. In other cases (approx. 99%) the owners are represented by real estate agencies, brokers or other legal companies who charge fees for providing their services.

The intermediary fee amounts to the sum equal to monthly rent rate. It must be noted that, in accordance with common practice, the tenant is the one to pay the fee. Thus, while looking for an apartment, one needs to have so-called “3 sums”:

  • Payment for the first month
  • Deposit
  • Intermediary fee

Our company represents both landlords, planning to let apartments for rent, and foreigners, willing to find apartment for rent.

By virtue of specific character of our services we can also assist in gaining the consent of the landlord to get registered in the apartment, which is an obligatory condition for being granted a status of “temporal resident of the Russian Federation” and applying for residence permit. 

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