Moscow real estate acquisition

Every year two million foreign residents visit Moscow. Many of them come to find a job, of who the majority would like to stay to live in Moscow. Regardless what the purpose is, every foreigner faces housing issue.  Some people rent apartments – generally those who came for uncertain period; others, who plan to stay in Russia for longer terms, acquire realty (apartment, house, land).

Like in any other country, there are rules of realty acquisition/subtraction in Russia. The procedure of realty acquisition for foreigners has specific points, concerning both apartment and country house with land acquisition.

For example, possession of apartments or house gives an opportunity to apply for temporary and permanent residence permit.  Although the fact of the purchase is not the ground for issuing the documents, it simplifies dramaticallythe procedure. Once the property is acquired, the foreigner is granted the corresponding status, once and forever solves the issues, concerning border crossing, residential registration and right to work in Moscow.

World experience shows that successful property acquisition depends on specific set of knowledge in civil, family and housing legislation. This work is likely to be assigned to realty transaction support company.

In this respect Moscow is not different from other world capitals, though considering specifications of Russian real estate market apartment acquisition in Moscow is more risk-bearing. Therefore, engagement of a specialist to represent and guard interests of the foreign citizen gives additional guarantee, which is of great importance, taking into consideration correlation between realty prices in Moscow and default risks.

At first It is possible to look for apartment in Moscow individually: to determine the district, house type, infrastructure accessibility and etc. But afterwards, when the decision is made, we would advise to apply for consultation.

Specialists of our company provide complex services on real estate transaction support in Moscow, ranging from selecting apartments with precise requirements to obtaining apartment title deed. Moreover, considering specifics of our business, we can assist in further proceedings with temporary and permanent residence permits if necessary.

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